In Paris, part of the right bank docks closed to cars in 2016

Proposition d'aménagement dédié aux enfants et à la nature – port de l'Hôtel de Ville.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, book wants to permanently pedestrian part of the quays of the right bank of the Seine from the summer of 2016, she announced in an interview with Sunday newspaper. Ms. Hidalgo also plans to install a tramway right bank, which will cross the city from east to west by 2020.

Two years after the closure to traffic of the left bank between the Pont Royal and the Pont de l'Alma (4.5 hectares), Ms. Hidalgo will present at the next city council a pedestrianization project of 3.3 km of track Georges -Pompidou (13 km in total) in the central districts, between the Tuileries tunnel, opposite the gardens of the same name, and pelvis of the Arsenal, near the Bastille. It specifies that these platforms will be permanently closed to cars after "Paris Plages 2016 edition."


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