Big Ben can be silent for 3 years to reform

Big Ben é um dos símbolos de LondresThe Iconic Big Ben in London, built in 1859, needs urgent reform, estimated at 52 million euros, which may force the famous clock to remain silent for three years, on Sunday (18) the British newspaper The Sunday Times .

According to sources working in the tower that houses the Big Ben, the clock mechanism, which weighs five tons, "it is about to fail and this is a catastrophic problem", which is why you need to start the repair as soon as possible.

Although there are no structural problems in the building, located in the Palace of Westminster, there are flaws in the clock needles and an imbalance in the pendulum, which makes it increasingly difficult you can give time to exact way, the paper said.

The restoration plan includes the installation of an elevator in the tower and the modernization of the same to fulfill the safety requirements laid down by the strict Safety Act and British Health.

According to the source, these jobs have already been approved by the administrative committee of the House of Commons, and the cost was estimated at 52 million euros.

Experts still do not know how long the strike will last the clock to make repairs, but it is estimated that can reach three years due to the difficult state it is.

This is not the first time that the clock would be stopped, and the last one happened in 2007.

Also remained silent while maintenance work was carried out in 1934, 1956 and 1990, while in 1976 not heard the chimes for months due to a fault.

In 1916 the bells of Big Ben were silenced to prevent German Zeppelins would use the clock as a navigational reference point during the First World War.


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