Merkel negotiate Turkey to strengthen European borders

Angela Merkel a évité une réception au palais présidentiel d'Ankara, un monument néo-ottoman à la gloire de M. Erdogan, en le rencontrant à Istanbul, le 18 octobre.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was on a delicate one-day visit to Turkey Sunday, October 18, when the EU negotiates with its neighbor so that it keeps its territory a higher share of migrants fleeing the Syrian war to Europe. Merkel said getting progress, linking this cooperation to relaunch the application process of Turkey to the European Union, now stalled. The Chancellor hopes will open the economic and monetary chapter.

She met in Istanbul with the Islamic-conservative President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, three days after adoption at an EU summit of an "action plan" , the details remain unclear, including the amount of financial assistance to Turkey. Merkel announced her visit to check, she said, "if the promises made [were] reliable". Turkey already hosts more than 2 million Syrian refugees and destabilized by the war on its border.


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