Brazil: Drone is mistaken for UFO and terrorizes town

(Foto: Wikimedia Commons)

Residents of Angicos, distant 170 km from Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, state coastal Brazil, had a terrifying night this Wednesday (14). Some people claim to have seen a flying saucer and even persecuted for it. Just do not know that the 'UFO' was nothing more than a drone!

Fear of population Angicos was recorded in WhatsApp application audios and were quick to hit the internet. In the recordings, residents are heard screaming in despair, reporting the sighting of the drone overnight.

The equipment was being used by a film crew, hired by a local businessman to record night shots of the city. "Guys, no one leave home. I'm seeing a large object in the sky, full of light approaching the people here. Oh my God, "says one resident identified as Rodrigo in shock.

All the confusion was later explained by a local radio program, due to all repercussions of the alleged alien invasion in the city. A professor of Angicos demonstrated their outrage at the reaction of people.

"We will educate these people. It is inappropriate. A people in the city of Angicos be mistaken for a flying saucer. That way I'm not a teacher not, "he said. The story quickly left town and turned playful reason of the whole country Internet users

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