Paris Saint Germain vs Real Madrid - Champions League 2015

With packed stadium and bottom of rain, Real Madrid vs Paris Saint Germain met to compete in the third round of the Champions League Group A with performances without major highlights of Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo. The game ended with the score at 0-0 teams of Laurent Blanc and Rafa Benitez. 

The starting this Wednesday had eight Brazilian field (Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Maxwell, Thiago Motta and Lucas-side PSG, and Danilo, Marcelo and Casimir for Real Madrid), David Luiz still recovering can not defend the PSG that He played at home in the Parc des Princes against Real. 

The most anticipated game of this Group A stage featured a large number of police as well as an enhanced scheme of security outside and inside the stadium. 

Watching the game were beyond Nicolas Sarkozy player Ronaldo phenomenon that took pictures with the guests and were tietados all night. 

Late in the game, Lucas PSG (who also plays in the Brazilian national team) gave a interview and said it was a very balanced game where the defenses worked pretty hard. He admits that it lacked a bit of finishing and mentions that when two great teams play ends up being defined in detail. Luke says that although the PSG wrong has some passes early in the game, managed to evolve and hit more in the second half. It emphasizes that the PSG has a great team and will try to win the next game in Madrid. Lucas says his characteristic is speed up the game and that's what he tried to do when he came on the pitch. 

The two teams follow with the same score, 7 points each. The next match PSG vs Real Madrid will take place on 03.11.2015 in Madrid for the fourth round of the Champions League. 

Image: Silvia Ponchon

Image: Silvia Ponchon

Image and information:Silvia Ponchon

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