Mitch Winehouse in Brazil

Mitch Winehouse arrives in Brazil in November to a beautiful tour of 4 concerts with participation of super diva Elza Soares and percussionist Anselmo Netto who is also the musical director of the show.

After promoting his first album in 2010, the father of Amy Winehouse comes first in the country to promote the AWF (Amy Winehouse Foundation), deploy AWF BRAZIL and to launch the album recorded together with Elza Soares, who will perform a cameo this memorable presentation.

Mitch had the support of Amy from the beginning of his career. "This is an album that Amy helped me to do," said Mitch. "There are so many songs that we could have done, and here a few of them." All the new album sale profits will be donated by the AWF to Brazilian charities that support children, youth and adults in socially vulnerable.

Check out all the dates and already buy your ticket:
15/11 - Porto Alegre / RS:
16/11 - São Paulo / SP:
18/11 - Rio de Janeiro / RJ:
20/11 - Natal / RN:

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