John Kerry: Elections in Canada

I congratulate Prime Minister-designate Trudeau and the Liberal Party on their victory in Canada’s national election. I look forward to working closely with Prime Minister-designate Trudeau and his government to further enhance our close cooperation.

I join the Administration in expressing our appreciation to Prime Minister Harper and the members of his government for their contributions to our bilateral relationship and to international peace and prosperity. I particularly enjoyed getting to know and working with Foreign Ministers Baird and Nicholson. We greatly valued our collaboration to increase trade between our nations, strengthen border security, and enhance the North American partnership.

The United States and Canada are allies, partners, and most of all, friends. We not only have the longest land border in the world, but also the largest trade relationship in the world. Our commitment to shared prosperity for the benefit of both of our nations is unparalleled. We deeply value our time-tested partnership and common democratic heritage, and we will continue to draw upon that foundation to partner with Canada to promote our shared values globally.

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
October 21, 2015

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