Pot Legalization Looks Certain for Canada

Advocates and experts say it's only a matter of time after the Liberal Party's election romp.

Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau led the Liberal Party to a landslide win in Canada's Monday election.

Carrying a torch for marijuana legalization, the Liberal Party of Canada emerged like a phoenix from Monday’s parliamentary election, rocketing from near irrelevance to win an absolute majority in the country’s House of Commons.
And now, supporters and political scientists say, the party likely will make good on a campaign pledge to make the Great White North the world’s next country to allow cannabis for recreational use.
"When can Canadians expect you to legalize pot if you're elected?" a reporter asked Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau in September. "We're going to get started on that right away," he said.
Trudeau takes office next month, and his government is expected to deliberate on the precise outlines for legalization before offering a proposal to Parliament.
“Oh, it’s going to happen,” Canadian Sen. Larry Campbell of the Liberal Party, a former mayor of Vancouver, tells U.S. News. “Certainly within the next four years, but I suspect a closer time frame is two [years].”

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